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Here are the ebooks published by Living Better Media

Make Him Miss You – a Practical Guide to Getting Him Back ($47.00)

Now that you took the first step to getting your relationship back, you’re going to find out what really went wrong, your role in it, and how to turn it around. You will also get answers to all those breakup questions going through your mind right now. You will learn exactly what you must do to make him miss you, now. And, you’ll learn what to do so that when he DOES come back, he will be more committed to you than ever before.

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How to Become Your Best Self: A Simple Guide to Building a Better Life ($17.00)

In this one-of-a-kind book, you’ll learn the secrets of success which most people NEVER discover in their lifetime. This book will show you exactly how to get what you want in life and – most importantly – how to be the best you possible. Written in an engaging and easy-to-understand way, you’ll quickly see that living the life you’ve always wanted – including getting your man back – does NOT have to be so hard.





The Seven Secrets to Your Ideal Body: How to Refine Your Exercise and Diet to Achieve Maximum Results ($17.00)

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if there was a pill that you could take that would take the place of all the exercising and dieting undergone to achieve the ideal body? Unfortunately there isn’t. So anyone wanting to look their very best and be their most fit must incorporate a routine of exercise and proper nutrition into their daily lives. In the Seven Secrets to Your Ideal Body, you’ll learn the training and nutrition secrets you need to achieve your goal of a trim and fit physique and super sexy figure!




Money Mastery: A Guide to Attracting Greater Wealth into Your Life ($17.00)

Do you spend a lot of time worrying about money? If you want to end your money worries forever, start living the comfortable life and be able to surround yourself with the things you want – this is THE guide for you! Filled with practical, easy-to-follow tips and tricks, you will change the way you think about money forever. Trust me, your guy is going to be turned on by your new financial knowledge!